Pandemic situation analysis. The hotel sector

pandemic situation analysis. The hotel sector
At the end of this semester, in order to get out of the darkest period of this crisis dictated by the pandemic, I analyzed, based on my data and comparisons with the top operators in the hotel sector in Rome, what happened. Leaving aside an in-depth analysis that it would not be suitable to carry out here, we can point out some ideas, which are part of the analysis, which already give the figure and allow broad comparisons regarding the European states and the different response to the systemic crisis induced by the almost zeroing of the tourist flows. One of the criteria that allows us to have a general view of what happened, with little effort, is certainly the RevPAR. With respect to this parameter, a reduction of 70% 80% was recorded in Rome as in Milan, but I also ascertained it for Other major European destinations, which resulted in the closure of a substantial part of the hotels. A substantial part will be recovered shortly from the flow between European states which will be guaranteed by mass vaccination and by the electronic verification mechanisms of the vaccination. But it is clear that a substantial part of the tourist flow, coming from various angles of the globe, is still completely unable to reach Europe in the near future. How much will the European and American flow be able to make up for the lack of the other, which can be estimated at about 30% of the total prepandemic? The incentives for tourism, the desire to go beyond what was budgeted by the individual for the holidays (as a reaction to the prolonged period of reduction of freedom) will be sufficient to make this absence less palpable, which runs the risk of continuing for a year and perhaps more? Alessandro Colace

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